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The Anna Lindh Foundation is an international organization working from the Mediterranean to promote intercultural and civil society dialogue in the face of growing mistrust and polarization.

The Anna Lindh Foundation runs the largest Network of civil society organizations involved in the promotion of intercultural dialogue across the Euro-Mediterranean region in more than 40 countries.

Originally called the “Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures”, the Foundation was given the name of the late Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, who was assassinated in 2003 in an act of hate crime; Anna’s lifetime commitment to equal partnership between the North and South, and to multilateral partnership action, became a guiding principle for our work.

• ALF sees the need for alternative narratives to fight extremist discourses and radicalizations.
• ALF’s belief is to empower young voices by providing platforms for young people to build together more open, inclusive and resilient communities.
• ALF sees the need for more inclusive and empathetic societies to fight the lack of trust and intolerance.
• ALF network aims to bring together and inspire other civil societies and multiply their impact in that way.

Therefore, ALF aims to introduce impactful research on international policymaking by providing a unique understanding of conflict dynamics through research and opinion-leadership.

ALF in Israel:

Today, there are 70+ members in the network, most of them working in the areas of education, youth, arts, democracy, human rights, gender issues, media, and research.
Meet our new staff that will lead the Anna Lindh Foundation at Oranim Academic College
Jackie Levi-Atias
Director, Oranim International
Email | +972-49838952
Silvana Nahmad
Administrative Coordinator
Email | +972-49838952

Learn more and join our network: www.annalindhfoundation.org

Celebrating Diversity, Fostering Understanding

Greetings! At Anna Lindh Foundation at Oranim Academic College, we embark on a journey of inclusivity and unity. As we start this year, we take pride in reviewing our programs that encapsulate a year of progress in bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Anna Lindh Foundation Israeli Network Member, Beit HaGefen: Celebrating 60 Years of Arab-Jewish Cultural Exchange
March 2024

In the heart of Haifa, Israel, stands Beit HaGefen, an active member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Israeli Network and a venerable institution that has led Arab-Jewish cultural exchange for six decades. Established in 1963, Beit HaGefen holds a special place as the first Arab-Jewish cultural center in the country, embodying the spirit of coexistence and shared heritage. Beit HaGefen exemplifies the Anna Lindh Foundation’s shared values, including respect for diversity, dialogue, and intercultural cooperation.
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Anna Lindh Foundation Israeli Network Sets Thematic Priorities

March 2024

Oranim College hosted an online forum for the Anna Lindh Foundation Israeli Network members and facilitated engagement among network affiliates to set the Anna Lindh Israeli Network’s thematic priorities.
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ALF Israeli Network Member, Galilee Dreamers, Participates in Kaleidoscope Experience
March 2024

Galilee Dreamers, an active member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Israeli Network, fosters connections between students from Jewish and Arab schools in the Galilee. This program, directed by Dr. Rachel Revsin-Ravid from Oranim International at Oranim College, brings together high school students, teachers, and teachers-in-training to promote a shared society. Students collaborate locally and travel abroad to embrace and exchange their cultures.
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Izraelinfo Joins Anna Lindh Foundation’s Israeli Network
March 2024

In Israeli media, a unique voice emerges to offer a fresh perspective to Hungarian-speaking audiences. Izraelinfo, the latest addition to the Anna Lindh Foundation Israeli Network, is an online platform and non-profit organization dedicated to providing original reporting and critical analysis of Israeli events.
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Celebrating Commitment to Peace: ALF Israeli Network Member, Parents Circle – Families Forum Awarded Prestigious Pax Christi International Peace Award
December 2023

Anna Lindh Foundation Israeli Network member, The Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF), receives the 2023 Pax Christi International Peace Award. Comprising over 700 Israeli-Palestinian families affected by conflict, PCFF focuses on reconciliation as a key to lasting peace. They strongly believe reconciliation is crucial for lasting peace and employ education, public gatherings, and media outreach to promote this message.
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Sparkpro Israel Receives ALFinMOTION Grant for Fostering Stronger Partnerships for a Diverse Mediterranean
December 2023

Exciting news! Sparkpro Israel, an integral part of the Anna Lindh Foundation Israeli Network, has secured the ALFinMOTION – Anna Lindh Foundation Mobility Programme. Teaming up with Einschlagen Germany, Sparkpro is set to create future exchanges based on their innovative “Living Bridge” Israel-Poland program. The program encourages dialogue between young people and students aged 18-30 from both nations. The project is about breaking stereotypes and building a relationship of trust and understanding.
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Anna Lindh Foundation Israeli Network Presents Diverse Management During Conflict Online Training Session
December 2023

In early December 2023, the Anna Lindh Israeli Network convened a pivotal meeting that drew together 20 representatives from diverse civil organizations associated with our network. Amidst a backdrop of challenging circumstances, the gathering proved to be a beacon of collaboration and learning.
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Voices of the Galilee Dreamers Following the War in Israel
Galilee Dreamers – an Arab-Jewish youth program in the Galilee, north of Israel
November 2023

For several years, Oranim International has been leading the Galilee Dreamers program, whose goal is to promote relationships, connections, and a shared society between Jewish and Arab teenagers in the Galilee region of Israel. The Galilee Dreamers is a three-year program for teens in Grades 10-12 from Galilee high schools. The program consists of facilitated encounters and activities focused on leadership, dialogue, and peace education and is characterized by open discussion about these topics with an emphasis on understanding, acceptance, and future cooperation. Some of the meetings take place on Zoom with partner communities around the world.
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Updates from Anna Lindh Israeli Network Organizations
September 2023

We are happy to give you a glimpse of a small part of the extensive work of the organizations that are members of the Anna Lindh Israeli Network.

Beit H’agefen Arab Jewish Cultural Center
Beit H’agefen Arab Jewish Cultural Center is in the heart of Haifa, where diverse cultures meet and create a shared space connecting communities with its opportunities and challenges.
Beit Ha’gefen offers a range of cultural events and educational activities. Our activities are based on the premise that meeting and getting to know another culture, its stories, and cultural and spiritual assets are important to breaking down barriers and building trust among the diverse groups that make up the society in Haifa and Israel.
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Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI)

Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI) creates an in-depth learning experience, combining a commitment to professionalism with a personal touch by Bringing together international professionals, we aim to create a global network to further develop intercultural understanding.
At the end of December, as part of the project ‘Israelis Meet Palestinians in Agriculture and Cross-border Trade’ funded by the European Union under its EU Peacebuilding Initiative, GIMI brought together 40 farmers and agronomists to learn from experts and researchers in the field of sustainable agriculture.
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Oranim College of Education

Oranim International at Oranim College awarded “ALFinMOTION” Anna Lindh Foundation Mobility Programme Call for Action – Collaboration between Malta University and Oranim College
We are proud to announce that Oranim College’s Galilee Dreamers were awarded an “ALFinMOTION” call for action proposal. The Galilee Dreamers, a program within Oranim International, together with Professor Carmel Cefi from Malta University, have received a grant from the “ALFinMOTION”
proposal to write a comprehensive guidebook entitled “Cultivating Connections: Nurturing Intercultural Understanding through Social-Emotional Learning.”

The initiative aims to create guidelines to promote understanding, empathy, and collaboration between Jewish and Arab high school and college students in the Galilee as well as in the Malta region. By linking social-emotional (SEL) learning to intercultural dialogue, the proposed initiative acknowledges that emotional intelligence, self-awareness, intersubjectivity, and civic responsibility are essential skills for effectively engaging with diverse perspectives and cultures. Professor Carmel Cefi is a prestigious scholar who has led beyond-counting research in the field of SEL and trained educators to work with the principles of SEL in formal and informal educational settings. We are proud to begin this journey with him.

Prof. Carmel Cefi, University of Malta Dr. Rachel Ravid, Oranim College of Education

Oranim College of Education

Academic Collaboration Between Oranim College and Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco, and Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Beni-Mellal, Morocco
Oranim College’s Department of Sociology, the Department of Citizenship, and Oranim International embarked on an incredible journey of collaboration with two prestigious universities in Morocco: Cadi Ayyad University and Sultan Moulay Slimane University. Together, we foster academic learning through captivating intercultural exchanges between faculty and students, facilitated virtually through a series of engaging meetings.
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