Teacher Delegations

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As part of S2S, many schools bring groups of their staff members to us each summer. The Department of Jewish Peoplehood, together with your school’s S2S coordinator, will custom design a meaningful and enriching Israel experience for your staff. Your Jewish and non-Jewish staff members will engage with Israel and Israelis on a deeply personal level, whether they have visited many times or are first-timers. We believe that they will return to work enriched personally and better equipped professionally.

With the expert facilitation of the Department of Jewish Peoplehood, this experience focuses on:

  1. Understanding the milieu in which your partner school lives, the history of their home community, and their lifestyles.
  2. Getting to know your partner school in depth by experiencing a day in their life, meeting their students, and learning and celebrating with them.
  3. Developing warm, personal, and professional relationships with the staff of your partner school.
  4. Learning together with your partner school about Jewish identity, Jewish Peoplehood, the place of Israel in Jewish life, and more.
  5. Working with the staff of your partner school to set the vision, goals, and joint curriculum for your students.
  6. Meeting Israelis and learning about Israeli society in depth.
  7. Experiencing Israeli society from the inside.
  8. And, of course, enjoying the best of Israeli culture, entertainment, historical sites, and natural resources.