Student Delegations

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S2S begins with the educational staff of each school, working to incorporate the ideas of Jewish identity, Jewish Peoplehood, and personal connections into its vision and work plan. Curriculum is developed and taught – sometimes in parallel, sometimes together.

And then… it’s time for the students to meet! Reciprocal student delegations with home hospitality offer the opportunity for firsthand acquaintances between families. Parents become involved in the learning and the experience. The entire school community is impacted.

Bringing your students to Israel within the framework of S2S gives them an experience that goes well beyond seeing the beautiful sites. The personal connections will stay with them throughout their lives. A new paradigm for school connections with far-reaching impact, students meet their peer group, enjoy home hospitality, spend time in the school, and become acquainted with the area surrounding their partner school. Together, the two groups enjoy joint activities specially designed by the Department of Jewish Peoplehood – trips, recreation, and learning.

To seal the relationship, the Israeli school reciprocates by bringing their students to your school, enabling the Israeli students to learn about the vibrant Jewish community in your area and to experience Jewish life outside of Israel. Together, students from both schools continue to explore their personal and Jewish identities and their connection to each other and to the Jewish people.