Our Partners

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Our current and past clients include:

Boston-Haifa Connection:

Working with the Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Oranim International School’s Department of Jewish Peoplehood supervises and coordinates the educational activities of the Jewish Identity and Education Committee in the Boston-Haifa Connection. The Department of Jewish Peoplehood provides curriculum and teacher training and facilitates the relationship between school communities in Boston and Haifa, with a cumulative impact on over 20,000 students.

San Francisco-Israel Partnership:

Working with the San Francisco Bureau of Jewish Education, the San Francisco Jewish Federation, the Israel Center, BASIS, and the Jim Joseph Foundation, the Department of Jewish Peoplehood connected schools in San Francisco and Israel. Delegations of educators and students from Israeli and American schools spent time together planning and implementing joint projects for the schools.

Canada-Etzba Hagalil:

With the UIA of Canada, the Department of Jewish Peoplehood connects educators from Canada with their colleagues in northern Galilee high schools and leads encounters for them and their students.  Since 2010, the Department has facilitated a bi-annual joint summer seminar for Israeli and Canadian educators designed to: deepen and enrich the connections between the schools, expand the circles of educators from Israel and Canada involved in the program, and develop a long-term work plan for the partnership project.

Sovev Kinneret – Milwaukee, Tulsa, Saint Paul Partnership 2Gether:

The Department of Jewish Peoplehood facilitates meaningful connections between Israeli schools in the Sovev Kinneret region and Jewish schools in Milwaukee, Tulsa, and St. Paul. Facilitation includes American student delegations to Israel and an online professional development course.