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With people and relationships at the center of our work, Oranim International School creates exciting and meaningful experiences for middle school and high school students. Either as a stand-alone trip or within the context of a school-to-school partnership, bringing your students to Israel with Oranim International School gives them an experience that goes well beyond seeing the beautiful sites. The personal connections will stay with students throughout their lives.

Why Oranim International School?

  • This educational experience is grounded in best practices in informal and formal education and backed up by all the resources of Oranim College of Education.
  • Our tour educators are experts in working with teens and with the adults accompanying them.
  • Our tour educators are highly trained to mine each moment for its educational value.
  • We’ll help you experience Israeli society from the inside.
  • Your students will meet Israelis through specially designed mifgashim (face-to-face encounters).
  • We will help you tie this experience to your school’s values, so that you, your students, your school, and your families can continue the journey long after the return home.
  • And, of course, we’ll show you and your students the best of Israeli culture, entertainment, historical sites, and natural resources.