Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation 2021-06-01T08:32:06+00:00

As a part of Oranim College of Education, a top-notch institution of higher learning, Oranim International School believes that evaluation is critical to the educational process. To that end, we are committed to evaluating all of our projects and programs. Evaluations are conducted in order to determine whether goals set for the program were met, and to measure participant satisfaction following the program. When relevant, we also determine, to the extent possible, the impact of the experience on the participants’ engagement with issues of Jewish identity, Jewish Peoplehood, and connection to Israel. The results and full reports are produced at the end of each project cycle.

The Department of Jewish Peoplehood of Oranim International School has published a number of articles and presented papers at international conferences based on our research and evaluation, on the topics of Jewish Peoplehood education and Israel engagement. We are available to assist you in your program evaluation needs.