Participant Testimony

Participant Testimony 2021-06-01T08:31:56+00:00

“It was… important for me to get this cultural experience… In a global society, it is necessary to be culturally diverse and have an open mind. The experiences I will have in Israel for 3 months will help me in this respect throughout my career in medicine” (Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

“By having a much more nuanced view of Israeli society, I can understand better (of course never fully) my Israeli colleagues” (Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

“I will take back [to my studies and community] that there are people and organizations in Israel that are working for dialogue in regards to the conflict. I will also take back a more informed and emotional connection to the history of the Jewish people” (Student, Eastern Mennonite University).

“It seemed that everyone we met and spoke with were incredibly friendly as well as experts in their subject. I felt very well informed and enjoyed learning from them” (Student, Eastern Mennonite University).

“We built a family connection to Israel” (KFIE Participant).