Jewish Peoplehood

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The Department of Jewish Peoplehood, as part of Oranim International School, designs, coordinates, and leads educational tourism programming for those clients interested in exploring and strengthening their connection to Jewish Peoplehood. We have over 25 years of experience in developing educational programs that help increase Jewish knowledge, deepen identity, and foster peoplehood between Jews around the world and in Israel.

Our programs include lectures on Jewish Peoplehood and the relationship between Israeli Jews and Jews all over the world, encounters with diverse Jewish communities in Israel, creative Jewish text study and historical site visits, and workshops on Jewish identity and Jewish Peoplehood (see here for some examples of programming). The interactive nature of our approach challenges participants to think about issues of Jewish identity and Jewish Peoplehood in new and exciting ways, and allows participants to develop a stronger sense of history, identity, and connection to the Jewish people and to the Land and State of Israel.

For more information about the Department of Jewish Peoplehood, see here.