Families (KFIE)

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Kibbutz Family Israel Experience (KFIE)

KFIE (“kefi” means “fun” in Hebrew) is a 10 to 14 day custom-designed Israel experience for families and groups interested in exploring Israel together. Our trips are wonderful opportunities for intergenerational learning and bonding. Designed for families with children between the ages of 7 and 14, KFIE combines the best of Israel touring with high-level family education and activities and adventures that your family will treasure forever.

Programs include a custom itinerary, with planned activities and lots of free time, and all of the land-based logistics. As part of Oranim College of Education, we have access to exclusive educational resources. Most groups spend at least a day on campus, tasting some of the exciting opportunities the college has to offer. Our tour educators are experts in the field of family education, providing opportunities for children, parents, and grandparents to learn separately and together.


  • Explore your connections to Israel
  • Meet and interact with Israeli families
  • Feel closer to nature and have fun in a kibbutz environment
  • Experience innovative family education programs
  • Create meaningful memories for your family

What does the program include?

You will spend time in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Negev, and the Galilee and, of course, visit many of Israel’s most meaningful sites, such as the Western Wall, the Dead Sea, Masada, the Sea of Galilee, and more. We also tour places such as Tzippori, where the Mishna was written, and Degania, the first kibbutz. In order to explore the cultural mosaic of Israeli society, we interact with Israelis as well as visit and volunteer in local communities. The possibilities are endless. Together, we will design an itinerary tailored to your group’s interests.

Most KFIE groups stay on kibbutzim, learning about community life while enjoying the relaxed kibbutz atmosphere. The opportunity to meet and dialogue with Israeli families is often a part of the program. Our team of experienced educators provides the perfect balance of learning, touring, and fun!