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Professional Development for Teachers

Oranim International School provides unique professional development experiences for educators. We custom design a meaningful and enriching Israel experience for your staff. Jewish and non-Jewish staff members will engage with Israel and Israelis on a deeply personal level as well as on a professional level, whether they have visited Israel many times or this is their first time. This experience can stand alone or function within a school-to-school partnership.

With the expert facilitation of Oranim International School, this experience focuses on: 

  •  Experiencing Israeli society from the inside and learning about Israeli society in depth.
  •  Meeting Israelis.
  •  Learning about the Israeli educational and social work systems, with site visits.
  •  Tapping the educational resources of Oranim College of Education.
  •  Learning together with your peers about Jewish identity, Jewish Peoplehood, the place of Israel in Jewish life, and more.
  •  Educational workshops to bring this learning home to your students: setting a vision, goals, and curriculum.
  •  And, of course, enjoying the best of Israeli culture, entertainment, historical sites, and natural resources.