Educational Tourism

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Oranim International School offered a  wide variety of educational services for your group or community’s Israel experience. Bring us your group, and we will provide short-term or long-term encounters in the form of lectures, interactive and hands-on experiences, historical site visits, in-depth workshops, and seminars. Tap into our creative, content-laden programs that challenge the intellect, touch the soul, and create a basis for dialogue. Our top-rated group facilitators and tour educators have worked with hundreds of groups from diverse backgrounds and religions. They have the ability to tailor programs in terms of content, age, and language.

We believe that visitors to Israel should not just see the sites, but experience them as a learning opportunity. We use each site to bring out the educational aspects of Israeli and Jewish history while challenging participants to think about issues of history and identity in new and exciting ways.

Oranim International School designs, coordinates, and leads educational missions and study trips including academic study, touring, hiking, a kibbutz experience, and mifgashim (face-to-face encounters) with Israelis. We also facilitate stand-alone educational modules that can enrich any trip to Israel, such as encounters, lectures, site visits, and workshops.

Contact us for tailor-made educational tourism programs for your organization.