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Academic Study and Professional Integration

Masa M.Teach gives students from the FSU with undergraduate degrees the opportunity to study for one academic year of graduate studies at Oranim College of Education, a leading institution of higher education in the Galilee. During their year at Oranim, students experience studying and living in Israel. They explore the possibility of becoming new immigrants and teachers in the country, and they receive the necessary tools to continue their graduate studies at Oranim or other Israeli universities. For those who choose to return to their countries of origin, they are better prepared to become active in their local Jewish communities.

Coursework and Student Life

Students learn Hebrew in an intensive Ulpan setting and gain an understanding of Israeli culture and lifestyle. Their academic courses are taught by senior Oranim faculty from different disciplines. Students have the opportunity to take courses in English, and in their second semester, they are integrated into regular Oranim courses, studying together with Israeli students.

Masa M.Teach students participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities including touring throughout Israel, Jewish and Israeli cultural programs, and volunteer work. Students live in the dormitories on Oranim’s pastoral campus, only twenty minutes from Haifa.

Our Alumni

Program alumni have made aliyah to Israel. Some are working, and others have continued their graduate studies at Oranim or elsewhere in Israel. For those who choose to continue their studies at Oranim, this year counts as the first of two years of studies required to complete an M.Teach degree.

For more information, please contact:

Gabi Farberov
Tel: +972- (0)49838952
For website in Russian, see here.

Why Masa M. Teach?

Our students share why they chose this unique program:

Karina Epelfeld

“I chose this program because I want to become a teacher in Israel. I want to fulfill the dream of my life.”

Pavel Philippov

“I want to live in Israel and continue my education here. The Masa M.Teach program provides me both with academic Hebrew and Israeli student experience.”