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Academic Director of International Graduate Programs, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Laura I. Sigad is an anthropologist whose research interests and publications include the fields of risk and resilience in childhood and youth; insider’s perspectives on child abuse and neglect; cultural contexts and child abuse; identity negotiations of immigrant and minority children; and youth and childhood and poverty. Dr Sigad is originally from New York City and is a graduate of the University of Michigan. She received her PhD from the University of Haifa. Dr Sigad is a senior lecturer and teaches in the Faculty of Graduate Studies within the departments of Education for Children at Risk, Educational Counseling, and Master Teach. She teaches courses on: Social and Anthropological Aspects of Children’s Rights in Multicultural Societies; Childhood: Risk and Resilience; Connections and Myths of Immigration and Crime; Education in Diverse and Multicultural Societies; Poverty in Childhood and Implications for Education; and Qualitative Research Methods.


Director of International Student Programs – International School

Gabi Farberov develops and directs international student programs for teens, university students, young adults, and families from Israel, FSU, Germany, and the United States. Ms. Farberov is originally from Latvia and is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a lecturer in the Inclusive Education and Community Studies Department at Oranim and teaches courses on: Jewish Communities in the World, Immigration and Experiential Education, Identity, and Leadership.