From Risk to Resilience through Education

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About the Program

From Risk to Resilience through Education is a Graduate Summer Program for international and local students offered by Oranim Academic College of Education, Israel. Conducted in English, the program is a collaboration of the International School and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Educators are the key social agents in promoting resilience for at-risk children and youth. This program provides graduate training and specialization for students and professionals in the areas of risk and the fostering of resilience through education. Students gain understanding of and expertise in the wide spectrum of risks and resilience processes alongside the acquisition of intervention tools and pedagogies designed to enable emerging resilience.

The program focuses on four primary topics:

  1. Child Abuse – Children’s rights
  2. Childhood Poverty – Breaking the poverty cycle
  3. Crime and Deviance – Crime prevention, intervention and rehabilitation
  4. Cultural and ethnic marginalization – Inclusion, multicultural education

For each topic, the full spectrum of the field from risk to resilience will be addressed.