Summer School in England

Summer School in England 2019-11-24T08:50:04+00:00

Oranim International School is offering an exciting summer program for high school students (ages 13 to 17) to learn English in England. Participants make friends from all over the world and study English with top-level teachers of English as a second language.

Learning English in and out of the Classroom

The unique course of studies is intensive, experiential, and fun, combining music, theater, and other creative activities. Students improve their verbal skills and increase their vocabulary. One student explained: “The program contributed to my English language skills and also to my self-confidence.”

Learning English does not only take place in the classroom. The enrichment program includes plays, touring historical sites, competitions, sports, karaoke, and more. As one student wrote, “Even on field trips, we were together with people from outside of Israel, so that learning the language also occurred outside of classes.” Past field trips included: London; Cardiff and Wales; Bleinheim Palace; Cotswold Park; and Thorpe Park.

One student summed up her experience: “This was the best experience in my life. I think every person should do this at least once in their lives, so that you can really understand the meaning of the English language and connect to people from outside of the country you live in.”

Young Mentors in Oranim English Club

When students return home to Israel, they have the opportunity to serve as mentors in the Oranim English Club, an afterschool English program that takes place once a week, for two hours each time.