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The course is designed and taught by the academic staff of the English Language and Literature and EFL departments of Oranim College.

Gabi Farberov – Director of International Students Department, Oranim International School

Gabi Farberov develops and directs international student programs for teens, university students, young adults, and families from Israel, FSU, Germany, and the United States. She is a lecturer in the Inclusive Education and Community Studies Department and teaches courses on Jewish Communities in the World, Immigration and Experiential Education, and Identity and Leadership.

Kristina Kruzhkova – Program Director, Oranim International School

Kristina Kruzhkova received her master’s degree in social work in Russia and her MBA in Human Resources & Organizational Management from the University of Haifa. For the past decade, she has worked in the field of HR and informal education. She currently designs and leads international programs for participants from around the world.

Sarah Lurie – Academic Program Director, Department of English Language and Literature

Sarah Lurie is an experienced teacher, teacher educator, and examiner in EFL (English as a Foreign Language). Sarah has worked as a teacher and examiner with international students in various higher education institutions in the UK and Israel, including Kings School, Oxford, Tel Aviv British Council, University of Haifa, and the Yizreel Valley College.


Dr. Jacqueline Haimov was born, raised, and educated in Bulgaria. She immigrated to Israel in 1990 and since then has been teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) at the Open University, University of Haifa, and Oranim College of Education. Dr. Haimov teaches theoretical courses in linguistics as well as language proficiency courses.

Marlene Saban is an experienced teacher and teacher educator. She has established native speaker and remedial English programs. She has also coordinated an international reading project and is actively involved in developing new and innovative digital materials to promote effective EFL teaching and learning.

Leo Selivan has been involved in language teaching for more than 13 years in various roles. As a curriculum developer, he has written for the British Council and BBC website TeachingEnglish. As a teacher educator, he has given workshops to teachers in Armenia, Azerbaijan, France, Italy, and Turkey. Leo is very active on the international conference scene and is a member of the board of the English Teachers Association of Israel. He maintains a popular blog for English teachers called Leoxicon.

Lily Shehady is a graduate of Oranim’s Department of English Language and Literature. She tutors students as well as assists lecturers in the English Department. At the International School, she helps international students improve their language skills in the Skills Improvement Workshop. She also teaches at centers for gifted and excellent students.

Zohar Silvan is a staff member of the EFL unit at Oranim College, and has extensive experience teaching reading comprehension to students at all levels. Zohar’s field of expertise is teaching languages with technology, and he has developed a number of online learning environments.

Chaila Wiseman is a fourth-year student in Oranim’s Department of English Language and Literature. She was born in the United States and immigrated to Israel in 2002. She has taught English to both children and adults, and has tutored students from the English department. She currently teaches English at a local high school and teaches fluency courses at the International School.