Lectures in English

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Courses in  English, Fall – Spring 2021-2022

Applied Linguistics
Structure of the English Language 1
Structure of the English Language 2
Introduction to Applied Linguistics (Yearlong)
English Orthography
The Fundamentals of Sociolinguistics (Yearlong)
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Assessment in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Spring Semester)
Learning Difficulties: From English Diagnostic Testing to Individual Lesson Plans (Fall Semester)
Pedagogical Grammar
Vocabulary Acquisition in English as a Foreign Language
Reading and Writing in a Foreign Language
Rhetorical Skills: Theory and Readers Theater
English Literature
Introduction to English Poetry (Fall Semester)
Introduction to English Prose (Yearlong)
Introduction to Drama
Cultural Background to English Literature: Christian Narrative and Greek Myths
British Survey 1 (Yearlong)
British Survey 2 (Yearlong)
Multi-Ethnic American Literature (Yearlong)
Survey of American Literature (Spring Semester)
The Class as a Group
The Individual Student: Social Inclusion
Workshop for the Development of Personal and Professional Authority
Technology Enhanced Language Learning
Graduate Courses
The Principles of Rhetoric
Teaching Prose
Issues in English Language Teaching
Online International Israel & Jewish Studies
Introduction to Teaching Jewish History
From Philo to Leibowitz: The Texts of Jewish Philosophers