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Laura Richards in Israel:
Recovering Laura Richards’ Children’s Poetry
Annual Conference of the European Study Group of 19th Century American Literature

Oranim College, Tiv’on, Israel

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Oranim College hosts international conferences bringing together professionals from all over the world to explore issues in education, community work, and Jewish Peoplehood. Conferences include:

Developing Models of Judaism and Jewish Identity for the 21st Century: The Common and Interdependent Struggle of American and Israeli Jews

The Boston-Haifa Connection international conference explored pressing questions of what it means to be Jewish today and how we can best engage with other Jews in Israel and America. The conference brought together key stakeholders in the Jewish world including relevant intellectuals, academics, public officials, educators and NGO leaders to grapple with issues of modernity and Jewish identity. The conference was hosted by the University of Haifa in partnership with the Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies.

See video of Boston-Haifa Connection International Conference here.

Math and Science Teacher Education: Academic and Practical Perspectives on School-based Teacher Training

Partnerships between institutions of higher education and schools are essential in educating teachers. Oranim hosted an international conference exploring school-based teacher training in math and science.  The conference was sponsored by the Trump Foundation, which aims to improve educational achievement in Israel in math and science.

Not in My Back Yard: Intercultural Inclusion in Educational Systems and Society

This conference was a joint initiative of a consortium of three colleges: Beit-Berl College and Oranim College in Israel and Rhode Island College in the US. The conference shed light on intercultural encounters in various educational and societal frameworks, while enhancing connections among the colleges, educational systems, and practitioners in the field.

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Changing the Landscape and Mindscape of Jewish Peoplehood: New Paradigms for Educational Leaders

A delegation connected with the Leadership Institute of 45 principals of Jewish schools in the New York metropolitan area came to Israel for a 10-day seminar led by the Department of Jewish Peoplehood. The seminar focused on leadership and educational change as part of the principals’ two-year program at the Leadership Institute.

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For a Change Together: Social Capital as the Foundation for Community Change

Oranim College hosted an international conference and inaugurated a Global Roundtable for Community Change. Four hundred people registered for the event. Participants came from around the globe – Africa, Russia, England, India, and the USA – to exchange ideas, dilemmas, and insights from their community work; build connections; and create a social network.

Multiple Identities in Jewish Education

Oranim College and the Mandel Leadership Institute hosted the 5th International Conference on Research in Jewish Education, entitled Multiple Identities in Jewish Education. 250 participants gathered to examine conceptual, empirical, and programmatic research on the topic.