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Oranim International School brings scholars, educational practitioners, and students from around the world to the pastoral campus of Oranim College in the North of Israel in order to study, teach, and research in the spirit of Oranim’s values: educational innovation and leadership combined with academic excellence, sensitivity towards individual differences and cultural diversity, strengthening personal identity, and accepting collective responsibility. OIS is a multicultural educational community, where people from diverse backgrounds learn together and from one another.


Oranim International School’s mission is to serve as an international center of knowledge, inquiry, and discussion, developing novel educational ideas and methods. Through dialogue and ongoing mutual relationships, Oranim seeks to strengthen the connection between the diverse cultures in Israel, and to enhance the links between Israel and the rest of the Jewish world, as well as the world at large. In doing so, Oranim strives to be a leader of social change.


Oranim International School’s vision is to engage researchers, leaders, and students from diverse cultures, religions, and approaches in academic collaborations and programs designed to increase knowledge, understanding, and cooperation while promoting social change, informed by Israeli, Jewish, and humanistic values.