Special Academic Programs

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The Honors Program

Director: Dr. Dani Meiraz

This program helps develop future leaders for Israel’s formal and informal educational system. The program provides the brightest, highest achieving students in the college with ongoing, challenging enrichment activities during their three years of study.

Michael Program for Students from the Ethiopian Community:

Professional Preparation for Careers in Education

Coordinator: Ortal barka

Hundreds of young Ethiopian Israelis, between the ages of 22 and 30 and living in the North, are unemployed or underemployed. Even academic degrees do not guarantee them entry into the workplace. Many others work in non-profits and community settings with at-risk children, youth, and/or adults, but do not have the training, skills, or certification to be community educators.

This program provides classroom studies, academic and social counseling, and ongoing support. Students study a regular load of courses in formal and informal education, including youth work.  They also benefit from individual attention, counseling, and tutoring to help close the gap that exists in certain areas, such as language and computers. All students in the program live in the dormitories, and they are each tutored by an Honors student. A Social Coordinator and an Academic Coordinator are in daily contact with the students.

Our vision is that Oranim graduates from the Ethiopian community will become teachers at elementary schools and community leaders throughout the country.