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As an academic college of education, we prepare the educators of the future. Our mission is providing meaningful, up to date, and effective training, advancing academic excellence, and promoting social values within the educational system and in the surrounding community. In the course of training, we work closely with the field, integrating the subject matter taught in theoretical and didactic courses with teaching practice, while encouraging social and communal involvement.

The Rector’s Office is responsible for achieving the above goals, as well as for developing academic programs, overseeing professional development of faculty, maintaining the highest standards of teaching and academics, advancing academic literacy, and enforcing professional ethics and academic integrity.

Responsibilities of the Rector’s Office include:

  • Development of new programs and preparation of these programs for approval by the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education.
  • Implementation of approved study programs.
  • Academic supervision of the library, Ma’ayan Center, Keshet Center, the Center for the Advancement of Faculty Teaching, the Center for Innovative Educational  Technologies (IET),  EFL (English as a Foreign Language), language and academic writing instruction for various teaching tracks, and the Honors Program.
  • Supervision of faculty in Oranim, including hiring, placement, professional development, and academic promotion.
  • Establishment of academic rules and regulations for the college, for both faculty and students.
  • Publication of the college’s information bulletin.
  • Leadership of various committees, including: the Teaching Committee, the Committee for the Advancement of Teaching, the Library Committee, the Accreditation Committee, and the Forum of Academic Directors.
  • Coordination and management of Israeli and international pedagogical initiatives that promote involvement in the community, including presentation of these initiatives for approval by the Ministry of Education.
  • Coordination of academic conferences and other Oranim events.
  • Coordination of professional development programs for faculty.
  • Academic administration.

Contact Us

Rector: Dr. Nir Michaeli


Office Coordinator: Anat Rave

Tel: 972-4-9838812  Email

Mailing address: The Rector’s Office, Oranim College, Tivon 36006 Israel