Margolin Biological Collections

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About the Margolin Biological Collections

Administrative director: Mr. Hatem Abu Raiya
Academic director : Dr. Elad Chiel
Collections curator : Dr. Irit Zohar
Database administrator: Mr. Eitan Maggeni

About the Margolin Biological Collections
The biological collections housed at Margolin House of Science comprise a large variety of specimens (n > 50,000), representing different taxonomic groups. These include fungi, bacteria, nematodes, land and aquatic invertebrates and vertebrates.
The specimens are preserved by various methods (dry, on slides, in ethanol, deep freezing, etc.).
The collections include species collected over a period of more than 80 years, including several endangered and extinct species.
One of the earliest specimens collected is a flea belonging to the family Ceratophyllidae, collected by C. Rothschild in 1938 at the London Zoo, from a Patagonian mara (Dolichotis patagonum).
The flea collection includes paratypes identified by the late Prof. Michael Costa, an academic researcher at the Margolin Biological Collections (Oranim Academic College of Education).

Movie (in Hebrew) on the flee collection housed at Margolin House of Science