Green Campus

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Our Vision

Universities and colleges have always served as centers of academic and educational leadership. While the designers and leaders of the future acquire their education in these institutions, many do not attain an adequate education on the environmental implications of their occupation. In recent years, universities and colleges have also begun to serve as centers for environmental leadership, deriving from an understanding that these institutions bear great responsibility for leading the change in consciousness and behavior required today for creating a sustainable culture, for our well-being and that of the future generations.

Oranim Academic College is among the first of Israel’s institutions of higher learning committed to values of preserving the natural environment and human society that exists within it. The college is a center of leadership and of communal and environmental education of students and teachers who will grow a generation that will include and incorporate environmental and social considerations in its decision making.

We strive to serve as an exemplary standard-bearer for leading R&Din the field of sustainability in Israel and worldwide, to undertake continuous action to preserve and enhance the natural surroundings on the college grounds, and to constantly improve and streamline the daily conduct of the college so as to reduce pollution sources and minimize our institution’s ecological footprint.

We firmly believe in and advocate a way of life that cares for the future generations by adopting a sustainable culture at all environmental, social, moral and educational levels.We hope this culture will accompany the budding educators of the future generations who graduate and leave the Oranim campus, committed to values of tolerance, co-existence, responsibility, innovation and creativity.

Green Council

The Green Campus Council, which is appointed by the college president, comprises representatives of all campus sectors – the board and management, operations, academic faculty, and the undergraduate and graduate students.

The Council is headed by the Green Campus chairperson appointed by the campus management, and its activity is managed by the Green Campus coordinator. Council members convene for 2-3 Council assembly meetings annually.

Council Functions

  • Defining the vision and goals of the college in the field of sustainability
  • Accompanying execution of operative criteria with the Green Campus standard label
  • Setting priorities and annual work plan
  • Assessing the annual work plan
  • Receiving reports about actions being conducted on the campus and raising ideas for further activities
  • Appointing Council representatives to the following threecommittees:
    • Community and Education
    • Academia
    • Operations and Infrastructure

Council Goals

Turning Oranim into an active model in the field of education and endeavors for sustainability in the north of Israel and in the country, in general, while concentrating and connecting all parties in Oranim that deal with the issue (students, teachers, management, and operations). The process will take place on several tracks, as follows:

  • Campus “greening” track – turning Oranim into a model that fosters and integrates sustainable culture.
  • Academic-educational track – designated to concentrate and lead studies onsustainability education at the college, using demonstrations and active, hands-on experience
  • Community track – intended to influence the community to incorporate sustainable culture

Oranim College’s Recognition as a Green Campus

In the autumn of 2007, Oranim was certified as a green campus by the Ministry of Environmental Protection thanks to its efforts to foster education for sustainability and environmental action.

In May 2016, Oranim’s accreditation as a green campus was renewed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, in recognition and appreciation of the college’s ongoing endeavors to promote sustainable culture on and off campus.

At this stage, efforts are being made to join other green campuses that uphold international standards.