Educational Technologies

Oranim International School provides a range of innovative educational technologies to enhance learning and build connections between students throughout the world. The following are some of the exciting technologies offered.

Collaborative Online Courses
Faculty members from Oranim in Israel and another country collaborate to develop and teach an online course, by working together in a joint online learning space.

Students from the two countries collaborate via:
• Online discussion (on Whatsapp, chat, Google Docs, or video conference)
• Joint preparation of articles or videos to present to the class
• Joint research projects



MOOCs (massive open online courses) can be used in the context of a traditional face-to-face course, in which Oranim students and faculty choose a MOOC that will enhance their curriculum. MOOCs can also be a powerful learning tool in an international course, where a group of students in Israel and a group of students in another country, together with their respective faculty members, choose a MOOC to study together.

In either context, students study the material in the MOOC in their free time, and use class time for high level discussion, exploring enrichment materials, and doing projects based on the material (according to the flipped classroom model).


Blended Learning

Educational technologies are integrated in traditional classroom-based courses to provide a more varied and interactive learning experience, using cell phones or computers.
Oranim produces short videos of lectures from expert Oranim faculty, accompanied by enrichment material such as text, videos from the internet, and visual material.
Students also have the opportunity for collaborative online learning, where they learn together using online tools such as Google Docs, Google Sites, and other Web 2.0 sites (where users collaborate with one another to generate content).