Lectures in English

The following are some of the lectures available in English from Oranim College's top-notch faculty:



A Dynamic Approach for Promoting Children's Rights in Teacher-Training Programs, Dr. Rhonda Sofer
Education in the Internet World, Dr. Moshe Shner
Educators in the Abysses of History: Janusz Korczak and Itzhak Katzenelson, Dr. Moshe Shner
Implementing Curriculum Reform for Higher Educational Institutions on the International Arena: Some Hints and Tips, Dr. Rhonda Sofer
Peace Education, Walid Mula
Promoting Collaboration in International Programs: Processes and Challenges, Dr. Rhonda Sofer
School in the Holy Land: An Insider's Look at the Israeli Educational System, Dr. Micha Balf


Israel: History and Society

Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State, Dr. Udi Manor
History of the Kibbutz, Dr. Jack Pastor
The Holocaust and its Impact on Israeli Society, Dr. Moshe Shner
Kibbutz Life, Dr. Moshe Shner


Israel: Minorities and Multiculturalism

Arab Society in Israel, Walid Mula
Ethnic and Minority Groups in Israel, Dr. Rhonda Sofer
Galilee as a Multicultural Space, Dr. Moshe Shner
Jewish Arab Relations in Israel, Walid Mula
Roots of the Jewish-Arab Confict, Dr. Udi Manor


Jewish History

Holocaust: Culture of Memory, Dr. Moshe Shner
In the Beginning There was the Holocaust: Philosophical Responses, Dr. Moshe Shner
Leadership in Second Temple Judea, Dr. Jack Pastor


Jewish Identity and Peoplehood

Israel-Diaspora Relations: Then, Now, and in the Future, Prof. David Mittelberg, Dr. Micha Balf, and Dr. Roberta Bell-Kligler
Jewish Identity: Past and Present, Israel and the Diaspora, Dr. Moshe Shner
Jewish Peoplehood in the 21st Century, Prof. David Mittelberg
The Jewish Question Today, Dr. Udi Manor
Judaism and Liberal Thought, Dr. Moshe Shner


Leadership and Community

Community Development, Walid Mula
Leadership and Creating a Dialogue with the Other, Dr. Anat Geller
Leadership and Social Change, Walid Mula


Middle East

Current Events in the Middle East, Dr. Udi Manor



• Dr. Micha Balf, senior educational consultant and Israel educator
• Dr. Roberta Bell-Kligler, Director of Oranim International School
• Dr. Anat Geller, lecturer in Early Childhood Education and Professional Retraining and Development
• Dr. Udi Manor, lecturer in Land of Israel Studies, Middle East Studies, Civics and Democracy, and History
• Prof. David Mittelberg, Associate Professor of Sociology on the Faculty of Graduate Studies
• Walid Mula, lecturer in Inclusive Education and Community Studies
• Dr. Jack Pastor, Senior Lecturer in Jewish History and Land of Israel Studies, former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Humanities
• Dr. Moshe Shner, lecturer in Jewish Thought and Multidisciplinary Studies
• Dr. Rhonda Sofer, lecturer in Sociology