Research and Academic Collaborations

Partnership Opportunities with Oranim

Oranim’s top notch educational centers, along with its other departments, offer opportunities for joint teaching, student and staff exchanges, and joint academic research. These opportunities have served as the basis for partnerships with Israeli and international universities, colleges, and research centers.


Oranim’s International Partners

Oranim faculty members present their research in international conferences and write articles for academic periodicals worldwide. In addition, the Oranim International School has established an extensive network of academic collaborations.


The following is a description of these collaborations:


  • Erfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany, partners with Oranim on early childhood education, informal and community education, and more. The collaboration includes faculty and student exchanges between the two institutions.
  • University of Granada, Spain collaborates with Oranim in the areas of art, communications, literature, and language education, exploring issues of multiculturalism and multilingualism. The partnership includes faculty exchanges.
  • The Global Learning Partnership is a collaborative, international academic project designed to incorporate academic expertise with sophisticated levels of videoconferencing and internet technologies for synchronous and asynchronous interaction and course delivery to students in multiple geographic locations. This project is a collaboration between Walsh University (Canton, Ohio), Ohio State University (Cleveland), Colorado University (Denver), and Wheelock College (Boston). The project has involved exchanges, conferences, joint courses, and research collaboration.
  • Rhode Island College (U.S.) and Beit Berl College (Israel) collaborate with Oranim on teacher education, history and Holocaust studies, multiculturalism, special education, informal community education, early childhood education, and other fields. Oranim and Beit Berl co-hosted a conference in partnership with Rhode Island College: “Not in My Back Yard: Intercultural Inclusion in Educational Systems and Society.”
  • University of Education, Karlsruhe, Germany has a joint project with Oranim including student exchanges, called “Pluricultural Spaces in Education.” The project is supported by the German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation (Berlin and Tel Aviv).
  • Pädagogische Hochschule, Luzern, Switzerland and Oranim are developing academic collaborations. Dr. Jack Pastor, Oranim’s Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities, visited Luzern, and we are exploring numerous collaborations including student and faculty exchanges, building course materials, and running workshops together.
  • Malta University signed a bilateral faculty exchange proposal that has been submitted through Erasmus+.  The partnership will focus on science education, language education, and early childhood education.
  • Monash University, Australia is planning to send students from their Faculty of Education for a three week International Teaching Practice. Faculty from Monash has visited Oranim to investigate possibilities for joint projects with Oranim faculty and students.


Oranim College is currently negotiating additional partnerships with American and European institutions of higher education, including partnerships through the ERASMUS+ program. We invite other academic institutions worldwide to contact us in order to explore possible venues of academic collaboration.