Pre M.A. – Preparation for the Master’s Degree

Pre M.A. – Preparation for the Master’s Degree 2021-07-18T08:08:32+00:00

October 2021 – May 2022

(This program is conducted in Russian.)

Success criteria:

  • Preparation for a Master’s Degree in Israel (The highest level of Hebrew on Masa programs)

  • Acquaintance with the universities of Israel

  • Studying Hebrew to the level required for admission to Israeli universities

  • International student life

Main program components:

  • Hebrew Ulpan from zero to the levels Gimel and Dalet (700 hours)

  • Academic English courses for Universities according to your level

  • Academic courses in Hebrew with Israeli students (physics, art, biology, sociology, mathematics, history, etc)

  • Individual consultations regarding the selection of a university and planning for admission

Ages Dates
17-30 Summer 2021
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