MASA A.T.I. Intensive

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A.T.I. Intensive – AMIR, TOEFL, IELTS

July 2021 – October 2021

Preparation for International English Exams
MASA A.T.I. Intensive is a unique program that provides students with the tools for success in national and international English exams:

Success criteria:

  • Achievement of one step higher level of English (250 hours)

  • International student life

  • Following the program, students pass exams with high scores that allow them to study at universities in Israel and around the world

  • Improvement in all four skill areas (Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening)

Main program components:

  • Practicing language skills through topics which appear in all the exams

  • Exam practice – learning strategies for maximizing exam results

  • Full mock exams – feedback, error analysis, and suggestions for improvement

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17-30 Summer 2021
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Applicants to the program should have previous English knowledge. For details please contact us.
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