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MITF is a program for young people looking to make a meaningful contribution while experiencing the “real” Israel. The program places English-speaking college graduates as English teacher’s aides in elementary and middle schools throughout Israel, where they provide small group instruction and tutoring. Participants give tremendous help to English teachers who generally work with large classes. The individualized attention participants provide enables Israel’s students to build the English skills that are essential to their success in higher education and beyond. For more details about the MITF program, see: http://israelteachingfellows.org.

Oranim International School is happy to have the opportunity to bring this program to Haifa, Israel’s third largest city and the perfect setting for MITF participants to experience Israel in all of its beauty, complexity, and diversity.  Haifa has gorgeous beaches and a vibrant student life. For more details on MITF in Haifa, see:  http://israelteachingfellows.org/Haifa.

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