Academic Courses

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Two academic courses are at the heart of this program. The courses have been designed not only to be rigorous, providing knowledge and information, but also to help students develop leadership skills that will be useful for the rest of their life. Each course will provide three units of academic credit, for a total of six units.

1. Leadership – Theory and Practice

This course will teach leadership through a variety of methods.  Students will study great leaders from Israel, the United States, and Europe and learn about their strengths and their challenges. There will be lectures, discussions, debates, and readings. In addition, we have arranged to learn from guest speakers, exceptional individuals who are leaders in military, political, and hi-tech fields.  Students will develop leadership skills, learning specific techniques including how to think in an objective manner and to express thoughts in an organized and convincing way.

2. Israel: Successes, Challenges, and Creative Solutions

This course will trace and analyze the history of Israel and the Middle East from the mid-19th century to today. The course will be taught through  lectures, eye witnesses, movies, field trips, articles and a text, “Israel: A Concise History.” This text offers a nuanced history that encourages the reader to judge this period of history, critically, thoughtfully, and independently.

Additionally, this course will offer students the rare opportunity to directly encounter the places and people involved in making history.