The Leadership Project

The Leadership Project 2018-05-15T05:38:29+00:00

This distinctive and multifaceted academic program will take place in the summer of 2018 (July 29 – August 18) and is open to college students and graduates from the United States, Europe, and all over the world. The program will be taught in English and will be based at the beautiful campus of Oranim College in the Galilee region of Israel.

A partnership between Oranim College and Students Supporting Israel (SSI), the Leadership Project offers students a unique opportunity to earn six units of academic credit while receiving grounding in Israel’s history and present, experiencing the real Israel, and interacting with Israelis from all walks of life. Students will gain the knowledge necessary to effectively debunk mistruths being spread about Jews, Judaism, and Israel. Numerous field study trips throughout Israel will provide students with a close look at some of the remarkable individuals and endeavors that are the secret of Israel’s creativity, survival, and resistance. At the same time, students will gain leadership skills that will be useful when they return home to their campuses and communities.

Scholarships are available.