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Head of Department of Natural Science and Environmental Education– Dr. Shai Shafir

Shai Shafir is a marine biologist and specialist in coral reef restoration. He received his PhD degree from the Hebrew University in Rehovot, Israel. His thesis investigated the agricultural and biological farming of corals. Dr. Shafir developed novel systems and has successfully propagated thousands of corals in mariculture nurseries and inland tanks. Dr. Shafir is currently serving as a senior lecturer for the School of Education at Oranim Academic College at nature, behavior and marine courses.

Academic Director of the Program – Dr. Raed Mualem

Dr. Raed Mualem is a biologist and educator who serves as a lecturer in the Undergraduate Department of Natural Sciences and Environment and the Graduate Department of Science. Dr. Mualem holds a Master’s degree in science (M.Sc), educational leadership (M.A), and management and health administration (M.H.A), along with a doctoral degree in life science—all awarded by Tel Aviv University. He completed post-doctoral work in biochemistry at CNRS in France and went on to teach courses such as human biology and animal physiology at Oranim College. He served as vice president of Mar Elias Educational Institutions from 2002-2009, directing a dynamic K-12 school system and managing the Mar Elias Campus that would become the higher education initiative Nazareth Academic Institute.

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