Peoplehood Photography Course

Peoplehood Photography Course 2021-04-07T08:01:58+00:00

This course offers an online extraordinary experience for participants from around the globe who seek to explore their identity as photographers. International guest speakers will be part of this interesting journey with insights about Jewish/American/Israeli communities.

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This course provides the acquisition of practical photography skills alongside theories of Masters of photography and art will be integrated with Jewish/Israeli identity conversations. This will provide a unique opportunity to sound a new voice. The visual voice of peoplehood.

By the end of the course, participants will learn to observe the light, understand composition and learn
different aspects of photography. With the help of photography, they will search what does it mean to be
Jewish? What does it mean to be part of a community? The participants will photograph between the
sessions incorporating the new skills, share the photos and learn to receive and give feedback on them while
taking into consideration the multicultural backgrounds. The final project will be on storytelling through a
photography virtual exhibition.
This is an interactive course with six online (synchronous) meetings of three hours each and seven hours of
self-directed study (asynchronous learning).

Participants will need a level of English at least B1
Participants will need to have a camera, or phone camera

Sarit Krupka
Email: sarit.krupka@gmail.com


Sarit Krupka is a photography educator, catering to all ages, from children to seniors, in either groups or private settings. She has taught Photography and Art in the US, Israel and India, with innovative courses that stimulate the mind and bring out the creativity in each and every person, regardless of their background.

Sarit has been an avid photographer for over 30 years, since using her dad’s Pentax film SLR in high-school. Ever since, she has expanded her knowledge and technique with professional courses and workshops with the best photographers worldwide.

Her love and passion for photography and exploration have exposed Sarit to many genres of photography. The variety of techniques, settings, and subject matter have enabled her to build unique and diverse courses for her students.

Prior to committing to a full-time career in photography, Sarit was a Senior Exhibition Designer and Project Manager at Shapira-Waxman LTD. This included designing, organizing, and supervising the construction of commercial exhibitions worldwide. Designing exhibitions incorporates architecture, interior design, industrial design and graphic design and photographing. Traveling the world has brought many challenges and rewards dealing with clients, contractors, and organizers from all different cultures and backgrounds, all under pressure and deadlines. Prior to that, Sarit worked in architecture and animation.

Sarit has lived most of her childhood in the United States. Recently she returned from a relocation in Seattle, where she participated in the IAC Gvanim leadership program. Sarit is certified in Education, from Tel-Aviv University and has a B.Sc. Degree in Industrial Design, Cum Laude, Holon Institute of Technology.

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