Russian Speakers

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The Department of Jewish Peoplehood at Oranim International School works with a variety of populations in the Jewish world. One of the largest and most fascinating is the Russian-speaking community, which numbers about two million people spread over ten countries. The Department helps to empower Russian-speaking Jews in various parts of the world. It has designed and implemented Jewish programming for former FSU citizens in Israel, North America, Russia, and Germany. It creates programs that meet the intellectual, cultural, and language needs of Russian immigrants to Israel and of Russian-speaking Jews globally.

The Department of Jewish Peoplehood has facilitated a range of programs for Russian speaking Jews, including Family to Family, matching young Russian speaking families in Israel and the United States; partnerships between high schools, colleges and youth groups in Germany and Israel; and Moadon Midrash, a pluralistic Beit Midrash for Israeli Russian speaking Jews.

Oranim partners with Masa Israel to facilitate long-term programs for Russian-speaking young people, including Masa M. TeachMasa ATI Intensive, and English for the Workplace.

Oranim International School also educates Hebrew teachers for communities around the world.