Student Testimony

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“One of the things that impacted us was the comment that ‘If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.’ Together with you, our Israeli colleagues, we intend to be part of the solution” (Participant from Germany).

“The opportunity to sit and talk with the German Jewish students has given me insights, not just into the nature of their Jewish life and identity, but into my own as well. The opportunity to have this mifgash has led me to think about my own Jewish choices as well as develop an understanding and an appreciation of their Jewish choices” (Participant from Israel).

“I really feel a certain connection with the Israeli students, because formally I am a Jew, but I have been seriously asking myself what is behind the label” (Participant from Germany).

“The mifgash in Bad Sobernheim helped me to understand the conflicts of Jews in the Diaspora, to stand in their shoes. This allowed me to think more deeply about my own Jewish identity” (Participant from Israel).

“This is my third trip to Israel. In the past I visited sites, learned about culture, religion, and politics. This experience is very different. For the first time, I am encountering Israelis with whom I can talk about life – how we and they live, what are our loves and our thoughts. To encounter Israelis, as they are, is to get a deeper, very important understanding of life here and the connection between us” (Participant from Germany).

“It has become clear to me that Israel is the only land for which I feel something like love” (Participant from Germany).

“The seminar has made me return to Israel with the courage to approach Arab students at Oranim and also the youth with whom I work and to do workshops with them about the Holocaust. This is a topic that they haven’t learned about in a proper manner, in my opinion. [My overall goal is to help bring about] my dream of there being real peace between two peoples” (Participant from Israel).

“It was meaningful for me, mainly with regards to history, to the Holocaust and to living in the Diaspora. This made me think a lot about my future… I was exposed more deeply to the Jewish community in Europe which is very different than the community in North America, which I know well. In addition, I understood how much we Israelis do not engage with the subject of Jewish identity and how lacking it is … in Israel.” (Participant from Israel)