Program Components

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Educational Learning and Enrichment

Israel: Israeli students at Oranim College complete a two-semester accredited academic course. Emphasis is placed on Jewish identity and Jewish Peoplehood, dialogue with others, German Jewish community, and leadership. The students combine academic studies with the production of films and a TV show.

Germany: The German students meet for three intensive seminars. Coming from all over Germany, they convene for several days at the overnight seminar center in Bad Sobernheim. Seminar activities focus on Jewish identity, dialogue with others, understanding Israel and Jewish Peoplehood, as well as Jewish leadership.

USA: The American students meet twice a month at Columbia University’s Hillel center. Students experience the richness of Jewish Peoplehood through academic enrichment, personal sharing, learning about Jews globally, and meeting students from Germany and Israel. They develop sensitivity and responsibility to lead active connections among Jews internationally.

Delegations and Joint Seminars

Delegation exchanges are at the heart of the program. They create powerful personal and professional connections. The delegation of students from Germany and North America has 10-12 days of a study journey in Israel. The highlight of the experience is a four day joint seminar with the Israeli group that includes intensive dialogue and study, home hospitality, and an outdoor leadership training day.

The Israeli group visits Germany in the fall. Delegation activities include learning about Germany’s past and present Jewish community, experiencing multiculturalism, convening a joint seminar with German counterparts, and developing a deeper understanding of Jewish life and identity in the Diaspora.

The three groups maintain a joint Facebook group that provides opportunities for learning, planning projects, and maintaining personal connections.

Practical Leadership Experience

As part of the program, participants take responsibility for leading educational workshops and activities, both in their local institutions as well as during the joint seminars. After completing the program, participants gain practical experience guiding leadership, Jewish Peoplehood, and Jewish identity activities for different target audiences.