Courses In English

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The following is a list of courses that Oranim College offers in English. These courses are open to Oranim College students and visiting students:

Department of English Language and Literature – BA

Proficiency 1

Proficiency 2

Proficiency 3

Structure of the English Language 1

Structure of the English Language 2

Style and Composition 1

Style and Composition 2

Advanced Scholarly Writing

Fundamentals of Sociolinguistics (elective)

Introduction to Linguistics

Syntax and Contrastive Analysis

Language Acquisition

Selected Topics in the Learning and Teaching of an Additional Language (elective)

Vocabulary in Language Acquisition

Introduction to Academic Reading

English Orthography

Reading Perspectives

The Art of Debate

Teaching English to Pupils with Language Learning Difficulties

Individual Differences in Learning English as a Foreign Language: From Practice to Theory and from Theory to Practice (elective)

Individual Differences Workshop (elective)

Assessment and Technological Applications in Language Acquisition

Western Sources of English Literature (Greek Myths and the Christian Narrative)

Introduction to Drama

Rhetorical Skills

Introduction to Poetry

Introduction to Prose

Much Ado about Shakespeare (elective)

British Survey 1

British Survey 2

Historical Approaches to American Literature

Introduction to Critical Theory (elective)

The Novel in the Twentieth Century (elective)

Building a Multicultural, Local and Global Perspective (elective)

Practice Teaching:

Introduction to TEFL

Methods 1

Methods 2

Didactic Seminar

Practice Teaching Workshop

* The electives change every year; the other courses are core-curriculum.

Department of Language Learning – MEd

Linguistic Perspectives on Teaching English

Poetry & Its Uses in the EFL Classroom

Advanced Poetry

Academic Writing

The Development of the English Language

Approaches to Prose

Reading in a Second Language: Theory & Pedagogical Implications

Language Corpus and Language Teaching

Learning Disabilities and their Ramifications on Second Language Learning

Questions of Curriculum

English as a Global Language

Teaching Language: Theory & Practice

Issues in Teaching English in Israel

English as a Foreign Language (5 levels)

Faculty of Education

Issues in Identity