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The Anna Lindh Foundation is an international organization working from the Mediterranean to promote intercultural and civil society dialogue in the face of growing mistrust and polarization.

The Anna Lindh Foundation runs the largest Network of civil society organizations involved in the promotion of intercultural dialogue across the Euro-Mediterranean region in more than 40 countries.

Originally called the “Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures”, the Foundation was given the name of the late Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, who was assassinated in 2003 in an act of hate crime; Anna’s lifetime commitment to equal partnership between the North and South, and to multilateral partnership action, became a guiding principle for our work.

• ALF sees the need for alternative narratives to fight extremist discourses and radicalizations.
• ALF’s belief is to empower young voices by providing platforms for young people to build together more open, inclusive and resilient communities.
• ALF sees the need for more inclusive and empathetic societies to fight the lack of trust and intolerance.
• ALF network aims to bring together and inspire other civil societies and multiply their impact in that way.

Therefore, ALF aims to introduce impactful research on international policymaking by providing a unique understanding of conflict dynamics through research and opinion-leadership.

ALF in Israel:

The Anna Lindh Foundation Head of the Israeli network is Dr. Samuel (Muli) Peleg, Director of Oranim College of Education International School.
Dr. Samuel (Muli) Peleg is a political sociologist trained in the fields of comparative politics and international relations. His areas of expertise are peace-building & reconciliation, social sustainability, justice & human rights, and conflict resolution.
Today, there are more than 200 members most of them working in the areas of education, youth, arts, democracy, human rights, gender issues, media, and research.

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