Lectures in English

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The following are some of the lectures available in English from Oranim College’s top-notch faculty:


  •  A Dynamic Approach for Promoting Children’s Rights in Teacher-Training Programs, Dr. Rhonda Sofer
  •  Education in the Internet World, Dr. Moshe Shner
  • Educators in the Abysses of History: Janusz Korczak and Itzhak Katzenelson, Dr. Moshe Shner
  • Implementing Curriculum Reform for Higher Educational Institutions on the International Arena: Some Hints and Tips, Dr. Rhonda Sofer
  •  Learning Communities, Dr. Orly Sela
  • Online Learning, Dr. Orly Sela
  • Peace Education, Walid Mula
  • Promoting Collaboration in International Programs:  Processes and Challenges, Dr. Rhonda Sofer
  • School in the Holy Land: An Insider’s Look at the Israeli Educational System, Dr. Micha Balf
  • Transformational Leadership in the Field of Education, Dr. Itzik Gonen

Israel: History and Society

  • Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State, Dr. Udi Manor
  • History of the Kibbutz, Dr. Jack Pastor
  • The Holocaust and Its Impact on Israeli Society, Dr. Moshe Shner
  • Kibbutz Life, Dr. Moshe Shner

Israel: Minorities and Multiculturalism

  • Arab Society in Israel, Walid Mula
  • Ethnic and Minority Groups in Israel, Dr. Rhonda Sofer
  •  Galilee as a Multicultural Space, Dr. Moshe Shner
  •  Jewish Arab Relations in Israel, Walid Mula
  • A Meeting of the Dispossessed and the Possessors: The Mi’ar-Ya’ad Story (A Galilean Tale), Dr. Rachel Tzvia Back
  • Roots of the Jewish-Arab Confict, Dr. Udi Manor

Israeli Literature

  • Alternative Visions: the Other Poetry of Jerusalem, Dr. Rachel Tzvia Back
  • Lea Goldberg: Foremother of Hebrew Modern Poetry, Dr. Rachel Tzvia Back
  •  Modern Hebrew Women Poets: The Forgotten Voice, Dr. Rachel Tzvia Back
  • Poetry of the Galilee, Dr. Rachel Tzvia Back
  • The Role of Protest Poetry in Raising Social Awareness: The Case of Israeli Poets, Dr. Rachel Tzvia Back

Jewish History

  • Holocaust: Culture of  Memory, Dr. Moshe Shner
  • In the Beginning There was the Holocaust: Philosophical Responses, Dr. Moshe Shner
  • Leadership in Second Temple Judea, Dr. Jack Pastor

Jewish Identity and Peoplehood

  • Israel-Diaspora Relations: Then, Now, and in the Future, Prof. David Mittelberg, Dr. Micha Balf, and Dr. Roberta Bell-Kligler
  • Jewish Identity: Past and Present, Israel and the Diaspora, Dr. Moshe Shner
  • Jewish Peoplehood in the 21st Century, Prof. David Mittelberg
  • The Jewish Question Today, Dr. Udi Manor
  • Judaism and Liberal Thought, Dr. Moshe Shner
  • Judaism in the Diaspora, Dr. Avi Kadish

Leadership and Community

  • Community Development, Walid Mula
  •  Leadership and Creating a Dialogue with the Other, Dr. Anat Geller
  •  Leadership and Social Change, Walid Mula


  • The Linguistic Landscape as a Mirror of Society, Dr. Devora Dubiner
  • What Have You Done for Yiddish Today:  Commitment and Identity in Heritage Language Maintenance, Dr. Devora Dubiner

Middle East: Current Events

  • Current Events in the Middle East, Dr. Udi Manor

Middle East: Agriculture and Biology

  • How Cultures Across the Israeli-Jordanian Border Enhance Biodiversity, Prof. Uri Shanas
  •  The Origin of Agriculture in the Near East 10,600 years Ago, Prof. Simcha Lev-Yadun
  • Water Issues in the Middle East, Dr. Yoram Gershman


  • Dr. Rachel Tzvia Back, lecturer in English Department
  •  Dr. Micha Balf, senior educational consultant and Israel educator
  • Dr. Avi Kadish, lecturer in Bible and History Departments
  • Dr. Roberta Bell-Kligler, Director of Oranim International School
  • Dr. Devora Dubiner, lecturer in English Department
  • Dr. Anat Geller, lecturer in Early Childhood Education and Professional Retraining and Development
  • Dr. Yoram Gershman, lecturer in Biology Department
  • Dr. Itzik Gonen, lecturer in Faculty of Eduction
  • Prof. Simcha Lev-Yadun, lecturer in Biology Department
  • Dr. Udi Manor, lecturer in Land of Israel Studies, Middle East Studies, Civics and Democracy, and History
  • Prof. David Mittelberg, Associate Professor of Sociology on the Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Walid Mula, lecturer in Inclusive Education and Community Studies
  • Dr. Jack Pastor, Senior Lecturer in Jewish History and Land of Israel Studies, former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Humanities
  • Prof. Uri Shanas, lecturer in Biology Department
  •  Dr. Orly Sela, Director of M. Teach Program
  • Dr. Moshe Shner, lecturer in Jewish Thought and Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Dr. Rhonda Sofer, lecturer in Sociology