University of Haifa Faculty of Natural Sciences at Oranim

University of Haifa Faculty of Natural Sciences at Oranim 2020-10-11T06:28:07+00:00

The Faculty of Natural Sciences is one of Oranim’s most prestigious faculties, and it attracts top students from across the nation. In the early years, respected and well-known researchers helped establish the faculty, and today it continues to draw leading researchers with expertise in many fields. Since 1973, the faculty is part of the University of Haifa Faculty of Natural Sciences, which grants the B.Sc. degree. Students receive their teacher training from Oranim’s Faculty of Education. Students can specialize in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science or Biology and Environmental Sciences. Graduates become outstanding educators, lecturers, researchers, and bio-tech and hi-tech professionals, who are in demand across the country.

Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences (B.Sc.)

Chair: Dr. Pick Elah
The department is considered one of the best in Israel, integrating classroom instruction, research, and hands-on fieldwork and lab work. The program educates students in all aspects of biology, from the molecular level, to the organism, to the ecosystem. Whereas other universities and colleges have abandoned using fieldwork as a main source of instruction, Oranim continues to believe in hands-on experience in teaching biology. Staff, faculty, and students have a proven record of activism on environmental issues.

Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science (B.Sc.)

Chair: Dr. Ackerman Eyal

The department trains students in mathematics, physics, and computer science. Faculty members are leaders in their fields, and are committed to the education of their students and to helping them become excellent scientists and educators. They aim for students to develop intellectual curiosity, a deep love of science, and openness to new ideas and approaches. Graduates are science and math teachers, who work in educational institutions and in industry; many have advanced degrees from universities in Israel and abroad, and hold key positions in the field of science.